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Are you ready to create positive change in your life?

Because Mindset Matters

FACT…  the responsibility and pressures of Professional and Business life can take their toll on your motivation, your confidence, your wellbeing !

If you are struggling with negative self talk and its affecting your confidence, or you always feel worried because of your fear based thinking and its causing feelings of  stress or anxiety, or , if you are feeling the effects of stress and its impacting your energy, your relationships or perhaps even your health,

Then its time to make a change!



Here is what we will do together in 6 simple and effective steps;

Step 1. Clarify the change you want in your life and what you want to achieve.

Step 2. Clear the fear, limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns that are holding you back.

Step 3. Connect to your true essence.

Step 4. Create the mindset and habits for your success.

Step 5. Consolidate your new learning and strategy for positive change into your daily life.

Step 6. Chart your next steps.



Power Coaching Session – 60 to 90 minutes

This power coaching session is for you if you are experiencing, or have an upcoming situation or issue that is causing you some angst or anxiety, which, when you work through with me as your coach, will enable you to identify a solution or a strategy of action to achieve the positive outcome you desire.

In this 1:1 Power Coaching Session, I will guide you in outlining the problem and to identify what it is that you want to achieve, to visualise what your ideal outcome will look like and to establish your solution focused strategy.



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1:1 Personal Coaching Programme – 3 Months

This programme is for you if you are ready to make positive change in your life to deal with that issue that has been negatively impacting your daily focus and emotional wellbeing.

In this Bespoke 3 month 1:1 Coaching Programme, I will guide you through the process of identifying and clearing old unhelpful thought patterns, fears and limiting beliefs that have been negatively impacting your daily focus and emotional wellbeing…..and show you the tools you need to create a life with positive focus, with self belief, with a sense of freedom and renewed joy.

Our sessions together will be every 2 weeks during which you will receive e-mail support and personal homework tasks to support you to create the life you desire.




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1:1 Transformational Coaching   – 6 Months

This programme is for you if you are ready to commit to the process of transformational change in your life… ready to do the work to move you from a place where the joy is missing from your life, where you are focusing on fear and self doubt, where you are experiencing stress, overwhelm, anxiety……

To creating the life you desire to live, with positive focus, with self belief and self trust, with a sense of freedom and renewed joy.

We will meet every two weeks over the 6 month process, during which you will receive the guidance and support you need to to create the transformational change in your life that you so desire.






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