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21 Powerful Journal Prompt Ideas for Entrepreneurs by Jade Jemma

Have you run out of ideas for what to write about when you journal? Do you feel like your creative spark has fizzled? These Journal prompt ideas are for you!

My journal prompt ideas will help you stay organised and motivated so that you can become the entrepreneur you want to be. But first let me share with you the benefits of journaling.

Benefits of Business Journaling

Business journaling helps entrepreneurs organise their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It’s a great way to generate new ideas, produce content, organise your goals, etc.

I’ve recently started journaling daily since and it has helped me gain clarity regarding my goals, dreams, and thoughts.

I also use my journal to express my gratitude, focus on positive affirmations, and manifest things in my life.

I find the benefits of journaling are:

21 Journal Prompt Ideas

1. What motivates you?
2. How was your work-life balance last week? Will you alter anything for next week?
3. What are you grateful for today?
4. What did you do this week to push yourself towards your long-term goals?
5. What is your why?
6. What’s a little win you’ve had today?
7. This time last year…
8. What would you like help with this week?
9. What milestones did you reach last week?
10. What’s your latest blog post? Link? What will readers get from it?
11. How can you love yourself this week?
12. What are the things that you would like to improve in your business?
13. Which quotes of famous tycoons do you try to live by?
14. Where do you see your business in 5 years time?
15. What do I need to hear today?
16. What does my body need today?
17. What did I avoid today?
18. I secretly wish I…
19. What does happiness mean to me?
20. List 10 things you want to improve in your business
21. Who in my world inspires me? What do I learn from them?

Final Thoughts on Journaling as an Entrepreneur

Use these journal prompt ideas to start your first business diary or to find some inspiration to make journaling a routine!

Having conversations with yourself can be very impactful. By creating a journaling habit, you’ll be able to gain clarity and identify your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions easily.

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