Learning To Pause And Connect To Your Intuition In Times Of Stress

”Pausing in a healthy way can help us handle the challenges life gives us with greater skill. It helps us from living on autopilot. It can give us room to be inspired with new ideas or to see new opportunities.”

– Jay Adam Rindfleusch

We are amazingly capable and resilient beings, absolutely awesome really ! But, negative news and negative forecasts can exacerbate our worries and anxieties.

The increasingly visual means by which news is shared, the focus on fear, danger and excitement, the fact that we are never switched off from it, can cause us to experience  stress, to feel uncertain of how to move forward and perhaps even to lose trust and confidence in ourselves. We over analyse and overthink which activates our fight or flight response. Looking for solutions externally leads us to more negative news…and a stress loop occurs.

We have such amazing strength, capability and resilience AND amazing intuitive ability, which when we allow ourselves to pause we can re-connect to.


”When we pay attention to our intuition, it points us in the right direction.”

– Linda Robinson M.Ed.


Our internal guidance is always right but we often dismiss or ignore it, and then we say to ourselves things like, ”I knew I should have …”

Taking a holistic approach to our wellbeing ensures we care for our Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.


So here are my 8 Simple Steps to…


  1. Pause the busyness, just step away for a moment. Dont listen to that voice in your head saying ‘I dont have time’…this is exactly what you need !
  2. Notice what your emotions and your body are telling you. Are you holding fear in your thoughts and in your body ? Compassionately pay attention to what is coming up for you and where it is coming from. This is exactly what we are meant to do with our thoughts and emotions – they are information. Journalling is a great tool for this.
  3. Calm your nervous system by using simple breathing techniques like box breathing – inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4. This lets your system know that you are safe.
  4. Recognise that you have survived 100% of your life challenges so far and you have the capability to deal with anything that comes your way. You have already navigated sooo much.Often we forget to remember how amazing we are.
  5. Allow yourself to be in this present moment. You can do an activity to assist you to be present like walking in nature to re-set and feel grounded.
  6. Allow space for the answers and solutions to come to you, just remaining open to what that might be. Meditation is a really great tool to use to clear your busy mind, to let go of control, to connect to strength and safety…. and you can ask for guidance, which can come in many forms, sometimes just in the form of ‘knowing’.
  7. Now decide how you want to feel and what you want to focus on moving forward from this more resourceful and intuitively guided place. Write it down, there is power in the written word. Write it in the positive, and if you can imagine that you have already achieved the outcome you desire, that is even more powerful. Your thoughts and emotions create your reality.
  8.  Begin each day with positive intention to show up in a positive energy and move forward in trust and faith that everything will work out.


We can’t control everything and we dont always know exactly what will happen… and that’s ok. It is safe for you to move forward with Confidence in you.



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