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Welcome to Day 2 of this weeks series of tools and techniques to support you in improving your wellbeing.

Todays tool is Meditation

One of the amazing findings about meditation is that it not only changes your mindset, it can physically rewire your brain toward more positive thoughts and emotions.

By practicing a simple 20 minute Meditation technique, you can begin to reduce stress.

By allowing yourself this time you can begin to re-connect with your innate resources.

Studies have found that regular practice of meditation can reduce activity of your sympathetic nervous system, thus slowing down the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, slowing down the  breathing, and relaxing the muscles….resulting in higher energy levels, better immunity and sleep.

So lets begin

Simply sit or lie down in a comfortable position somewhere where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes and close your eyes.

If you wish you can set a timer.

If you are new to Meditation …know that Meditation is a ‘practice’ …you are practicing the art of clearing the business of the mind and creating space.

Just let your shoulders drop down so they are nice and relaxed, tuck in your chin, have your hands open..palms facing up.

Now just begin by noticing the rise and fall of your breathing……inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale….thats right.

As a thought comes to your mind…just notice it…and let it float by as you return your focus to your easy rhythm of breathing now.

The sounds around you, external to you just add to your state of relaxation as you focus on your breathing….

Just follow your breath. As you breathe in you will notice that the breath is cool, as you breath out you will notice that your breath is warm.

And just notice that this is a place of calm, of strength, of knowing…….thats right.


Well have now begun the practice of Mediation.


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