Jo Rose is quite simply a brilliant Coach.

She really has helped me deal with some pretty major issues.

Although Jo stressed that I am in complete control in my life and that I am responsible for all changes that have taken place, I still feel as though I owe her a major debt of gratitude for the ease with which she was able to teach me how to make changes.

She allowed me to connect with resources that I never realized I had. I never realized before that positive change could be so easy or so fun!
Unless you are happy with every aspect of your life I really recommend that you give Jo a call today.


I called upon Darling Jo to help me with blockages with my progression in my business.

I felt like an imposter as I was trying something new, even though I knew I wanted to move forward I couldn’t get past myself.

Jo patiently listened while I offloaded all my worries, feelings and thoughts and made me reconsider the reasons why, and easy actions I could take to move forward. I worked through some thought provoking questions and went on to journal my way through these and used the affirmations to cement confidence in myself to go forward with my business and think of other areas of life differently. My top affirmation is ‘step into your boss self every day,’ I love it! I have it as an alarm on my phone to remind me daily!

I would wholeheartedly recommend dear Jo, she’s kind and can cut through the crap to move you on to your goals.
Thanks Jo for your help, support and getting me back on track to be my ‘Boss Self’’. Xx